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AEROSENS Cabin Management Solution

Pre-flight safety procedures on aircraft have never been more rigorous. Such procedures are mandatory and time-consuming. What if there is a way to increase the accuracy of these checks while saving time? Tampering of compartments or other covers or openings is a security concern. What if there is a way to get real time alerts?

AEROSENS Aircraft Cabin Management Solution is an industry certified, cloud-based platform allowing real-time visibility on the status of critical safety and security equipment, providing airlines with significantly increased efficiency and cost reduction.

AEROSENS Cabin Management Solution, CMS 2000, is the world’s first Bluetooth Low Energy based solution that is revolutionizing the industry by providing in-flight and real time visibility for the status of aircraft cabin equipment.

Once small AEROSENS Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors are installed on equipment or compartments users can pull up a layout of the aircraft cabin on their smart devices and walkthrough the aircraft. The AEROSENS BLE sensors will send out data signals indicating the current state of the equipment. Layout colors will begin to change according to status of the emergency equipment: available, missing, about to expire or expired.

Upon completion of the walkthrough, users can submit the inspection and generate a report.

With this, airlines no longer need to manually handle each piece of equipment; the system will automatically confirm all emergency equipment is present and serviceable. It will also alert in real time if something has been tampered with.

Security is also extremely important to airlines. AEROSENS CMS 2000 provides innovative security monitoring of any enclosure, panel or compartment, such as a life vest soft pouch or box. The system provides a real-time alert through the mobile app when the compartment is opened so that the cabin crew can then immediately take any appropriate action.

The AEROSENS cabin management solution will help airline operations lower costs, improve efficiencies and reduce manual error with:

  • Real-time access to current inventory levels and aircraft configuration: Generates report and view current data through a centralized web-based portal.
  • Increase security and theft prevention with real-time tampering information.
  • Instant knowledge on missing equipment: Triggers instant feedback on device that alerts user of missing asset.
  • Up to 99% inspection lead time reduction
  • 100% error-free data
  • Up to 20% product life cycle recovery previously lost to premature replacements due to prolonged inspection intervals and a lack of fleet-wide situational awareness
  • Elimination of non-ergonomic human functions (no more stooping, bending, twisting, crawling, etc.)
  • Elimination of needless open up and close for inspection access, reduction of associated damage

AEROSENS’ cabin management solution ensure compliance in the following:

  • SAE AS-5678: Physical tag survivability requirements
  • FAA AC 20-162A: FAA guidance on the use of RFID in aviation
  • RTCA-DO-160E: Environmental testing procedures
  • A4A (ATA): RFID data standard
  • FAA AC 119-RFID: Operational AC


AEROSENS Part Marking Solution

AEROSENS ATA 2000 provides the complete solution to generate a unique birth record for each part and to capture the part manufacturing details and ongoing maintenance history on a passive high-memory RFID tag, which will be attached to the part through its life.

AEROSENS ATA 2000 provides an accurate, easy, and inexpensive method of data storage and data entry for computerized information management systems.

The UHF RFID tag is encoded with EPC (Electronic Product Code) and user data according to requirements of Air Transport Association Spec 2000 which is the product of 12 international industry associations representing airlines, manufacturers, suppliers and repair agencies. The primary goal is to provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art methods for information exchange that are usable by the widest possible population of companies.