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About Us

At AEROSENS we come to work every day because we want to help solve problems in the aviation industry using technology. What if there is a way to increase visibility, simplicity and flexibility?

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Digitalization is key to the future success of any industry. Our goal at AEROSENS is to develop technology solutions making the aviation industry more transparent, smarter and cost efficient. Today, we provide solutions that transform the way information about parts, products, equipment and even people is gathered and analyzed.


We are trusted professionals, helping our clients with expert consulting, training and support services.

Our commitment is to ensure that you have the right solution. Putting wireless technology to work requires a holistic approach to bring all the elements of the whole solution to work together.

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Our Solutions

Cabin Management Solution

The FAA requires a physical count on each seat in an aircraft, to verify the existence of required emergency equipment. By attaching RFID tags permanently to aircraft emergency equipment, our solution makes inspecting aircraft emergency equipment a hands-off process. Instead of manually handling each piece of equipment, technicians can simply walk through the aircraft with a mobile RFID reader.

It will automatically confirm that emergency equipment is present and serviceable, alerting if anything is missing. Our solution reduces emergency equipment management time from hours to minutes.

Tool Management Solution

Most of aerospace manufacturers and maintenance companies have a common problem: the hand tools essential to their work tend to disappear from their plants and job sites. Whether tools are mislaid or stolen, it costs time and money. The inability to locate the correct tools for specific tasks can cause operational costs

Because RFID enables tags to be read at long distances without line of sight, this technology provides a more effective, cost-efficient solution for tool tracking. Our Tool Management Solution delivers a complete, reliable system for real-time tool tracking.

Our Services

Business Consulting

Properly deploying RFID systems is critical to ensure ROI capture. We can help ensure it gets done because we oversee all aspects of your RFID development project.

Business Case

We can assist you in developing a business case that provides the framework for the development and implementation of your Auto-ID strategy.


We provide benchmarking services to select the most suitable hardware for the project. This step involves testing assorted readers and tags in a lab.


We will train your personnel in Auto-ID and IoT technologies, whether you need it before, during or after your project.

Cabin Retrofit

We provide retrofit services to enable RFID in any cabin, big or small.

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